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Relocate to New York with California New York Express!!

Are you moving to New York with kids? Are you finding it very difficult to pack all your stuff properly? Looking for the appropriate long distance movers New York or cross country movers New York? Let California New York Express unpack the quality solution. We are the leading moving company that can help you in making your move easy. Since our inception in 1995, we have been providing quality services and have grown into a leading and reliable moving company. Our range of services includes pickup, insurance, storage and packing.

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Move to New York with kids was never this easy


Moving to New York seems like a very cumbersome task, but if you take assistance of a reliable long distance movers New York, your entire moving process can become very easy. So, here we are to facilitate you. With us, you can get started with your move. Our professionals have high experience in handling all the moving tasks with great ease and precision. Whether it’s packing or unpacking, we are here to carry out each and every task. By making use of high quality material, we avert your essential and valuable items from getting damaged. If you want, our professionals can also provide great tips and advice for moving to New York. We can help you if you have any concern related to details of the relocation, relocation cost, mode of transport etc. Moving to NYC with kids requires proper planning, preparation and complete understanding. We completely realize that every move is different and hence, we offer wide range of moving services to cater each move. California New York Express will help you in complete preparation for moving to New York. So, if you want to make your moving to New York an unforgettable experience, feel free to contact us!!

We can understand that you are very excited for your move. Being the renowned cross country movers Los Angeles, we try our every bit to make your moving experience a memorable one.

Now, you can make your move a pleasant experience by taking help of our moving experts. So, plan your move to Los Angeles with us!!

New York California Express Moving


Originally founded in 1995 as a New York Moving Company. In 1997 we merged with San Francisco Moving Companies and Los Angeles Moving Companies to create New York California Express Moving. Today we are a mid-sized moving company, privately owned and operated, with offices and storage facilities in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles California.

"We use no agents or brokers.
One moving company from start to finish."

Cross Country Movers

- Moving from California to the East Coast & back
- Facilities in San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York
- Guaranteed Price and competitive rates
- Guaranteed Delivery time frame
- One company from start to finish

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Moving from California to NYC

You cannot be good at everything. This simple understanding led us to focus on one moving route only, and be the best at it. Moving from California to the east coast has been our specialty since 1995 - particularly moving from the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles to New York City - and back.

Guaranteed Price

Every moving quote from San Francisco to New York is accompanied by a Guaranteed Price. Your quote is transparent, detailed and easy to understand to ensure that you, the client, know exactly what to expect price wise and service wise. For you it means NO surprises on your moving day.

Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame

Specializing in this selected route - moving from San Francisco to New York - provides us with many advantages. Maybe the most obvious one is that it allows us to keep our driving route short, with no stops in the middle, which naturally leads to a faster delivery schedule. Our short driving route allows us to confidently offer a Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame, meaning that we are obligated to deliver your items to you within a specific time frame agreed by you and us in writing. This obligation is not an empty word, we back it up by a compensation of $100 cash back for every day we are late.

 Delivery Time Frame Calculator 

Specialty Routes

- Moving from San Francisco to New York City
- Moving from Los Angeles to New York City
- Moving from NYC to San Francisco and Los Angeles

Office & Storgae Facilities

- Los Angeles
- San Francisco
- New York

CA NY Express was founded in 1995 as a Los Angeles based moving company. In 1997 we merged with San Francisco movers and New York movers to create CA NY Express movers. Today we are a mid-sized privately owned cross country moving company, with offices and storage facilities in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Storage Facilities

Los Angeles
CA NY Express Movers Los Angeles
5698 Bandini Blvd, Bell, CA, 90201

San Francisco
CA NY Express Movers San Francisco
2000 McKinnon Ave. San Francisco CA 94124

New York
CA NY Express Movers New York
1160 Worthen St., Bronx, NY, 10474

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(888) 680-7200

New York California Express Movers


Cross Country Moving Specialists

- Moving only between New York & California
- Facilities in New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco
- Guaranteed Price and highly competitive rates
- Guaranteed Delivery time frame or money back $$$
- One Company from start to finish, no sub-contractors

Call to Get a Quote
(888) 680-7200

Guaranteed Price

New York California Express provides highly competitive rates and a Guaranteed Price with every cross country move. Our estimators go to great lengths to ensure that you, the customer, know exactly what kind of services and pricing to expect. You are encouraged to compare the service, the pricing, and the clarity of our moving quote with those of other cross country movers.

Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame

Of all cross country movers, New York California Express is the only company to specialize solely in moving back and forth between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the East coast. This keeps our driving routes short and our rates responsible. Our short driving routes also allows us to offer a Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame - backed up by $100 cash back for every day late.

Office Locations

- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- New York

NY CA Express was founded in 1995 as a Los Angeles based moving company. In 1997 we merged with San Francisco cross country movers and New York cross country movers to create NY CA Express cross country movers. Today we are a mid-sized privately owned moving company, with offices and storage facilities
in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Storage Facilities

Los Angeles
NY CA Express Cross Country Movers Los Angeles
5698 Bandini Blvd, Bell, CA 90201

San Francisco
NY CA Express Cross Country Movers San Francisco
2000 McKinnon Ave. San Francisco CA 94124

New York
NY CA Express Cross Country Movers New York
200 Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Delivery Time Frame Calculator

See when your items will arrive to your new home.

Step 1:
Enter your out of storage date:

Step 2:
Enter your 'Earliest Delivery Date':

'Earliest Delivery Date':
This will be the first date that you are able to accept delivery. The purpose is to make sure that we are not arriving before you (or your 3rd party) are physically at your new location to accept delivery.

If you are ready for delivery ASAP, please enter the next date, after your 'out of storage' date, as your earliest delivery date.

* If you are ready for delivery ASAP, your delivery time frame
  will be 5 to 15 calendar days. Please make sure to read our 'delivery time frame policy' below.

Delivery time frame policy

Option 1: on your 'out of storage' form you will find an 'Earliest Delivery Date' field. You will be asked to select a date. If you are ready for delivery ASAP the delivery time frame is 5 to 15 calendar days.


Option 2: due to logistic reasons, when entering 'Earliest Delivery Date' which is 8 calendar days or greater from the day after your 'out of storage' date, delivery time frame will be 'Earliest Delivery Date' + 7 calendar days.

** Count starts the day after 'out of storage' date.


Example: if your 'out of storage' date is 03/20 and you requested an 'Earliest Delivery Date' on 03/28 the delivery time frame will be 03/28 + 7 calendar days.

Late Delivery Compensation: $100 for every day late per policies described above.

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Our small contributions to the environment so far...

In the years to come, we are dedicatet to adopting any technology that may
benefit both the enviorment and our business.

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Helpful Information

We have invested much time in studying each aspect of the CA - NY / NY - CA moving route. We'd like to pass that knowledge on to you, so you can better plan your move.

Moving Checklist - You might find the following checklist helpful while organizings your upcoming move. Feel comfortable to download, print, and utilize.

Packing Guide Videos - Professional box packing videos that might save you money and help you protect your items.

Moving Guide - Extensive moving articles to help you make the best moving decisions.

FAQ - Quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Basic Insurance

Image Not FoundBasic insurance is provided by California New York Express Movers at
no extra cost. This insurance is mandated by the Department of Transportation and values all lost or damaged goods at sixty cents per pound per item.

Replacement Value Insurance

Insurance is one of those things you'd rather have and not need than need and not have.

We highly recommend purchasing insurance. If you choose to purchase full value replacement insurance, we request that you obtain coverage for your goods as early as possible. In any case, insurance must be purchased prior to your actual moving day. Don't wait for the last minute as some insurance companies, for their own reasons, refuse to insure you on moving day itself.

1) Maybe you already have insurance
If you have renter's or homeowner's insurance, you may already be covered or be able to purchase a coverage policy through your personal insurance agent.

2) Purchase full value replacement insurance
In lieu of the basic valuation, which is already included with your move, we highly recommend you to purchase actual cash value or full value protection which is a more robust coverage. This coverage is only sold by a few specialized insurance companies.

Our experience has led us to recommend two companies: Baker
& for the purchase of this product, although you may choose your own insurance company to work with.

Please accept our apology in advance, as we are prevented from giving you more details and pricing about this coverage. Both companies are separate entities and any information given by us might be in conflict with their prices & practices.

Understanding The Meaning of Basic Insurance

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates all moving companies to provide basic insurance. This insurance values all lost or damaged goods at sixty cents per pound per item. All moving companies are required to provide the exact same insurance.

In order to refund clients with a sixty cents per pound per item, companies first need to know how many pounds your item weighs. To determine your items weight, all moving companies use the same official DOT chart, containing standard household goods weight and volume. (it is the same chart they use originally to determine your move price. See pricing page). Once weight has been determined, moving companies then multiply it by 0.60 cents.

For example: in the DOT chart, a large box is considered to weigh 31.5 lb. Companies multiply 31.5 lb x $0.60, which comes to $18.90. Disregarding the content of the box, this will be your refund for any claim you might file for a large box after your shipment was delivered (according to the basic insurance terms and conditions).

What the DOT had in mind when they created the basic insurance model
When a moving company gets paid by you to move a large box, its charging you approximately the same ($18.90), but the content of the box may be much higher in value, just for example lets say $750.

If moving companies only got paid $18.90 each time to transport a box, but had to pay $750 when a box was damaged, the industry would collapse. The DOT understood this and stepped in to create the basic insurance model. On one hand, this allows companies not to go bankrupt, and on the other hand it holds them responsible for their work. They refunded the customer the exact amount they charged him for that box, but in actuality the company lost since they already spent so much money on transporting the shipment, paying the movers, the trucks, the fuel, etc. in order for any company to survive the moving business, it must mature and become highly professional.

On this last note, we understand that explaining the "moving company's side of the story" might not always comfort you, and because of that we highly recommend buying a full value replacement policy.

For your consideration - These are the two most common issues with basic and full insurance (applicable to all moving companies)

Furniture made from particle board: Some furniture are made from this material, and due to its' perishable nature, tend not to survive a
cross country move. You can of course attempt at shipping these items, however both basic and third party insurances exclude these items from their coverage.

PBO boxes (boxes that were packed by owner): Since moving companies do not know which items were packed inside such boxes, the condition of the items, and the way the items were packed - they are unable to assure their safe arrival, and therefore exclude them from both basic and full coverage. Third party insurances limit the coverage for such items (approximately $250/box, please speak with your broker). For this reason, if you have items that are especially delicate or expensive, we strongly recommend to have the movers pack them for you.

Storage Fees & Policies

Delivery Radius (150 miles)
We only deliver within 150 mile radius from our NY/LA/SF branches. If your final destination is outside this radius, you will need to make arrangements (at your own cost) to pick up your items yourself or by a different moving company.

Storage at Pick Up City
1 month of FREE storage is included (count starts on the pick up date). Once your free storage has expired, the monthly storage fee is $0.63 per cubic foot, per month, plus tax (min $150/month). Charge is prorated at a daily rate based on a 30 day cycle. For delivery time frame please read our policy in the link below "Delivery Time Frame Calculator & Policy". (free storage applies for long distance jobs only).

Storage at Destination City
For a one time transfer fee ($250 min - $500 max; based on $1 per cubic foot) your items will be transferred and stored at your destination city. Once ready, and upon your signed request, items will be delivered within 5 DAYS GUARANTEED. 1 month FREE storage included (count starts on the pick up date) & the monthly charge is the same as "storage at pick up city". Important: Keep in mind that it takes 7 to 15 days from your PU date for your shipment to arrive to Destination storage.

Default Storage Location
All storage jobs, by default, stay at pick up city (although CNYX reserves the right to store goods at destination storage).

When Ready for Delivery
When ready for delivery, please contact our office at least 15 days in advance to fill out a 'Storage release form'. Before filling out the form please click the link below. The "Delivery Time Frame Calculator" will assist you in best determining your preferred EDD (earliest delivery date), and understand our delivery policy. Indicate your preferred EDD on the 'Storage release form'. Last charged date for storage: If stored at the pick up city, your EDD will be your last charged date for storage. If stored at the destination city, your actual delivery date will be your last charged date.

 Delivery Time Frame Calculator & Policy 

Accessing Storage
Since we are not a self storage, every time a client wants to access his items, he needs to make an appointment with our local branch and to be accompanied by one or two of our crew members. For this reason, an hourly fee of $30 (min 1 hour) will be charged to gain access to stored items.

Storage Payments
Storage payments can be made by credit card only and are billed on the 28th of each month for the previous month. For example, the last few days of April and the full month of May will be charged on May 28th. However, we will prorate according to the actual days occupied when entering and leaving storage, as explained above. Storage balance is separate from the move balance and must be paid in full before released from storage. A $15 late fee per month is imposed on late payments. A $20 fee is imposed on any instrument of payment returned unpaid. Annual increase of 7% will be added to monthly storage fee every 12 month cycle counting from your pick up date. If storage is unpaid for 3 months, items will be auctioned.

Rights and Responsibilities
Credit Card Agreement
Arbitration Program
Terms and Conditions
Delivery Policies
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